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advanced hemodynamic monitoring

Hemodynamic means "Blood Flow". 

We have developed a revolutionary new way to analyze blood flow to create a holistic picture of your heart health in real-time. 

Our smart software uses this data to provide you with personalized feedback and plans to help improve your heart health. We will help optimize your heart health, no matter where you are starting from. 

We want you to become your best self!


Who said good health has to be boring?

We have designed our devices and software with you in mind

Simple | Intuitive | Flexible

Like a good health companion should be!

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AI-Enabled Software that works for you, every second of the day 

Take charge of your heart health

We are in stealth mode, building the future of heart health sensors and smart algorithms

With our revolutionary new technology heart health assessment and optimization can become,

10x less expensive  |  10x more accessible  |  10x easier to user

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